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“My partner, Chris Coffey, helps individuals and teams achieve and sustain outstanding results. In addition, he is clearly one of the world’s best keynote speakers and trainers in the area of coaching, leadership development, and teamwork. He provides a rare combination of being entertaining and dynamic while providing advice and stories from his extensive coaching experience that is both practical and applicable. He is a person that I trust to lead the training process for our behavioral coaches!”

- Marshall Goldsmith

  • Develop Yourself
  • Develop Others
  • Develop a Team

Chris has personally coached more than 65 corporate leaders —primarily from Fortune 500 companies—using the unique year-long Goldsmith process.

The common denominator of Chris' clients is that they are all successful, high-potential individuals.

All have a personal commitment to self-improvement, whose growth will be of great value to their organizations.

Abbreviated Testimonials:

"Chris has a deep desire to help people be the best that they can be - and a positive, can-do attitude that creates a safe environment for clients to acknowledge their issues AND work on them ..."

Elizabeth Shen, Human Resources Manager
Agilent Technologies

Chris was extremely helpful in focusing me upon a few issues that made a significant difference.

John Parsons, Vice President, Finance
RSA Security Inc.

Relationships with my key stakeholders improved significantly. My work with Chris empowered my team in a significant way.

Vipul Chitalia
Agilent Technologies

Chris is skilled in speaking directly with a person, which sets the stage for open dialogue. he brings a healthy sense of humor and irony to every encounter.

Eileen Logan, Clinical Scientist
Amgen Clinical Development

Chris Coffey is the real deal. His tying payment solely to improvement is a deal that's better than a money back guarantee.

Mark Goulston, "Executive Edge" columnist

185 Pier Avenue
Tower Suite
Santa Monica, CA 90405
FAX: 310-452-2552

New York City address:

330 East 71st Street
New York, NY 10021